Logic Pro 9 Adding (or linking) EXS instument files and audio


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I'm helping a friend with a logic setup. He's got 9 on a mac pro (2009). The vanilla install went great, though I tried aliasing the samples and loops to another internal drive only to find a week later the content had moved back to the original folder????


The real question.

He's got a large set of ESX sampler instruments from a friend with the associated audio files in a separate folder. Problem is I can't seem to get logic to see them (the audio files) The instruments show up in the sampler, but no files are linked.

Wondering where or how I need to copy these to have them show and work in ESX. Though it was Library/App Support/Logic but it's not working.

Any help is appreciated.
Also, the initial app load time seems rather long. I'm figuring it's because of the hundreds of new sampler instruments, but not sure.

I'm a pro tools users with some Logic experience (not much) so sorry if this is a redundant query.

He needs to get ExsManager or ProManager from redmatica.com

This is an essential app to have for re-linking sample files to EXS instruments.

He can do this instrument by instrument, one by one, but then he'll only get around to making music again next September the soonest......
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I hear what you're saying. I've actually seen posts about this software. Wondering why this isn't a function of Logic though. Seems easy enough.
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Funny enough, Logic used to have a function which did this (Project Manager), but it was much much MUCH slower than the Redmatica apps.

Project Manager vanished a few versions ago....
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