Logic Pro (X) adding to Folder


I'm new to folders.

I have created a 2-deep folder cluster:

SAXES ( folder)
containing parallel:
/MIDI saxes (folder)

I missed out a top-level track of Derek's sax which I'd like to move into the DerekSaxes folder.

How can I do this please?

Open up two Arrange Windows in a single screenset. Set one of them to contents link mode to show the contents of the folders. And set the other with Link mode off so that it always shows the top level of your Arrangement.

This way you can navigate your arrangement in one and see the contents of folders in the other. So basically, just click on the folder in one, and the folder tracks are displayed in the other. And then you can easily drag and drop from one Arrange Window to the other.
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I think he means a Folder Stack (not a regular folder).

Pete, just drag the missed-out track on top of the folder stack track. It should just drop into the folder.
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Ahh, I didn't get that. I'm sure you're right. And yes, I love that feature with the new Track Stacks. It's so easy to simply drag tracks in and out of them.
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thanks guys.

the only way I can add a track to an existing stack is to open the stack first, then drag the new stack within the list of stacked tracks. I can't drop a track onto a closed stack

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