Logic Pro 9 Adjusting region boundaries with nudge control


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First things first -- Mac OS 10.6.8, Logic 9.1.5. MacBook 2.4 Ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo.

I'm brand new to Logic, migrating from ProTools (and before that, Digital Performer). I'm interested right now in doing classical music-style editing, since that's what I do most frequently. What I do is make two stereo tracks, one for all the source material, and one for the assembled final edit. (On occasion the source and assembly can be more than stereo -- but that doesn't look tricky).

I have had some help in figuring out how to define regions and pull them from the source track, putting them into assembly track. I figured out how to use the shuffle command to get the region boundaries to abut. I've learned about how to apply crossfades, either singly or in multiples, and then to adjust the length and curve of them with numbers in the inspector. I also found the nudge commands, where I can set nudge values to 1 ms or 10 ms, and then either move the entire region (not so useful for me) or can lengthen/shorten the region (very useful).

Here is the problem now, though. While the lengthen/shorten region nudging will extend the END of the region (the right side), I can't for the life of me find a way to adjust the start of the region (the left side) with nudging. I can do it by hand dragging (not very useful when you are doing the finest of fine-tuning of a boundary between two regions).

Is there any way to do this? There must be a way, probably pretty simple.

Please let me know. I would appreciate any help.

Hi David,

Welcome to the world of Logic. Unlike Pro Tools, Logic doesn't have key commands to nudge the length of the front end of regions like Pro Tools does. At least not that I know of. There are commands to trim from the beginning of a region to the playhead or marquee stripe; but I don't think this is what you are looking for.

Having said that though, what you want to do isn't terribly difficult to do with the mouse.

1. Cntrl Option click to zoom in on the front of a region so that you are zoomed way in.

2. Cntrl Shift click drag the left boundary to override the grid and move freely. Or, make sure your snap setting is set to the finest relevant resolution (ticks, frames?).

You can freely adjust the start point without being constrained to the grid.

3. Consider setting your drag mode to no overlap. That way if you are resizing the left end of a region that is butted up to an earlier region, the "joiner" tool will come in to play and the right boundary of the preceding region will automatically get adjusted at the same time.
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Have you taken a look at Waveburner for this kind of work? I have found Logic to be a bit fidgety when it came to this kind of 2 track based editing (Protools is much better in my opinion than Logic)

Waveburner is really fantastic for this: easy crossfading, editing of start times, markers, and the ability to add plug-ins to each region, and to bounce out a 2 channel master (or make a CD).

Something to think about ;-))
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