Logic Pro 9 adjusting samples for phase


i was watching some videos on youtube the other day, and i was curious about something.

in the vids below (a great youtube channel, btw), ken lewis is tracking 5 amps at one time.

he then adjusted for phase, in his digital console.
Offsetting a sample or two on various mics.

can logic do this?
can we nudge by 1 sample at a time?

thanks guys!

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Hi there, you need to look in the regions parameter box (top left corner above the selected channel's fader) it's shown as delay. Alternatively you can zoom right in on the waveform and do it visually by lining up the peaks, hold down ctrl for fine tweaking. Another way (there are lots!) is to use the sample delay plugin which will give you no. of samples (samplerate dependent, so at 44.1Khz one sample is 1/44100 seconds.) Each method has different benefits, the delay parameter can be set at a known value although it doesn't suit trial and error as it takes logic a bit to update, the visual technique allows you to see what you're doing, I find this the easiest, and using a plugin allows you to manipulate in real time and near instantly hear the result (as well as giving you the option to alt+cmd drag and copy to different strips)

Hope this helps, Mike
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Be aware that the value in the region inspector is in ticks. Not samples. So I would recommend the sample delay plugin for the easiest results. Unless you happen to have InPhase by Waves.
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