Logic Pro X Adjusting volume in stack track


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Hi there, this is my first post, hope someone can help.
I created my first stack having recorded a solo guitar piece 5 times. Then being dissatisfied with the sound moved the mic and recorded 3 more tracks.
Then I tried comping them together but at one point the newer guitar was much louder and I wanted to reduce the volume of a few notes. Have tried everyway possible and looked at you tube videos for hours then read as much as I could possibly stand for two days I am asking this user group if there is a way to do this. A simple volume control is all I am after, to turn down a few selected notes. ( Like in automation )
The other thing I would like to do is swipe a selected few notes on one track and select some notes on the track above to hear both playing at the same time, in unison ( or in harmony) - Can't do that either.
So I thought I would do it the old school way on separate tracks and flatten the stack so all recordings would all become separate again. However flatten tracks was greyed for some unknown reason so couldn't do that either. I thought then I would unpack the tracks which I did and they became seperated again only now there is no sound from any of the tracks. No matter what they will not play.
All in all a hair tearing couple of days in which I have spent about 16 hours getting absolutely nowhere. One would have thought somebody could make this programme work hell of a lot better than this.
I don't think I will use stacks again. - Can't auto volume tracks or notes, can't play two selections together to see which harmonies are best, can't undo the stack when I want, can't unpack them because they go mute, in fact pretty unless apart from comping single track recordings.
Any help welcome.

Jay Asher

My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that something was solved before you flattened the stack, so now the regions are muted.