Advice on home studio


Hi everyone I'm wanting advice on setting up my home studio.
I've brought equipment over the past few years but I've got a lot more time & a good room to have it all in one area.

I've got
Mac laptop with Logic Pro
Apogee duet 2
Tannoy 601 monitors

Allen & Heath zed 12 mixing desk
One Mackie powered speaker.

TC Electonics voice live 2
Audio technica cheap condenser mic
Korg M3 synth
Novation impulse 49 midi controller
Apogee gio guitar pedal
TC Electronics G Systems guitar pedal
Peavy bandit amp.
Roland kv 15 electronic kit

So my questions are :
What approach would you guys take ?
Do I run vocals ,synth ,electronic drums into the desk then desk into the duet 2 inputs ?

i realise I've only got one powered speaker at the moment so that's ok but I also was told I could run the monitors off the desk ?
Is this ok I don't want to blow them up ?

Any advice would be appreciated


Depends on so many things. If you want to be able to use the instruments without the computer, then you'll probably want to run everything into the mixer, and then run the signal back and forth from the mixer to the Apogee. Then you'd connect the monitors to the mixer. With that setup, when the Mac is running you'll be able to record and play back, but when it's off you can still play and hear the instruments.

(BTW, Zed 12? Not a 10 or 14?)

Otherwise, if you will always have the Mac running, you have more options. IIRC the Zed and the Apogee can do two channels at once, so you could connect both to the Mac and record 4 channels at once. (Of course, you can get 4 channels in the first scenario too, as long as everything is powered up). In that case you'd probably want to run the live signals, like the mic through the Apogee, and others through the Zed. You could also run the monitors from the Apogee and presumably get better D/A conversion than you'll get from the Zed.

Monitoring: why would your monitors blow up?


Cheers yes Zed 12 it is sorry.
I think I'd rather go through Mac all the time as I only have one powered speaker & the drums sound crap mono.
I wasn't sure if it was ok to use the monitors as someone told me they are used for playback only.

Thanks for the ideas


I didn't think the Zed had powered main outs. Are the Tannoys just for the computer? Not that it should matter. If they work at all, they ought to work with the Zed.


One guy told me I'll struggle to hear the drums from the tannoy whilst hitting the drum pads.
Maybe I get a cheap powered speaker to match the Mackie & do what you said earlier & jam through speakers then record into the duet when needed & keep tannoys for mixing playback?


I'd at least try out the Tannoys on the mixer and see how they sound. If they aren't up to the job, you really need to get a matching Mackie. If the Tannoys are too light on the bottom end, maybe you could rig up and aux output from the Zed with a low pass filter and use the Mackie as a sub? Might get you by until you can get a matching pair of full range monitors.