Logic Pro 8 African music

Working on an african project where I need to start with some decent simulations of the finished product. The only half-decent samples I have are of djembe drums in Kontakt. I don't need loops or any percussion other than hand drums and stick-beaten drums.

Can anyone suggest a good source?

I'd especially like to hear from users and specialists in african music, and any ideas would be helpful


african instrumentation

hi Peter,

what region in Africa is your project based? This will define the instrumentation, if you care to remain in context.
Yes, Djembes.... everyone's got a djembe or two, but not every country in Africa includes djembes in their musical tradition.

Also, regions tend to show style similarities, with unique touches, nuances particular to a country, or group within a given country.

It may come down to compromising a bit your effort of "simulating" a product if what you're attempting to do is provide an idea of what you could produce -- quality wise, but it's good to know that you could be most effective if you knew what's expected by your clients.


Otto Gygax - Audio, Computer, Networking Engineering / Percussion


From what I recall, the second disc of the Heart Of Africa library is in audio format only and is only extended loops. No multi instruments.
Try "Heart of Africa." It's not brand new, but has a lot of useful sounds. Here it is: http://www.spectrasonics.net/libraries/africa1.php. There are two versions. I have the first but didn't buy the second, so can't say whether it's as good or better or more useful.

Best, James
do you have a text file of the individual drum samples?
How are they assembled into instruments?

I am playing in all the rhythms on this project, as they are all original to the main ( master?) drummer, so I don't need loops.

I am using a manky old cassette as reference, but ISTM that some of the drumming is with stick, although most by hand.


This may sound obvious but have you looked at these drums in Logic for EXS24:
Factory/10 World/01 African/African Kit
There may be a few sounds that are useful to you.

Regards - Colin

stick to low 'tumba' (low conga) like sound for drums if you'd like to preserve contextual authenticity. There are _no_ djembe or related drum sounds in their music. Hand percussion is used commonly as well.

Sounds like a fun production!

> what region in Africa is your project based?

South Africa

Hi again,

I live in South Africa and I can tell you that the music and type of drum used varies from region to region and from culture to culture.

You should try to talk to Andrew Tracey - he's a renowned expert on African Music. If you're interested, send me a private message and I'll forward some contact details.

Regards - Colin

This may sound obvious but have you looked at these drums in Logic for EXS24:
Factory/10 World/01 African/African Kit
There may be a few sounds that are useful to you.

Regards - Colin
good poit - when I auditioned them they seemed to be full of metal/wood struck objects - not what I wanted. Your post got me down to the C-1 region and there are some interesting sounds, so thanks :)

quite a different colour to the Kontakt djembes and for now I'll use both!


thanks for that ogygax - took me 3 months to reply, but I live by african time, now ;-)
Your idea is brilliant, I've tried de-tuning the tumba in Superior Drummer 2/Latin and it sounds lovely :)

it /is/ a fun production but slow, as I don't get paid till I've done 4 'demos' so I tend to prioritise other stuff...

still, 2 tracks now with a clear motor and instrumentation, and I'm now looking to see how a 21st century producer would do it, since so far I've I done a very good (late) 20th century mockup :)

glad I could help. Time is redefined, or I should say, well interpreted in so many parts of the world.... no hurries, no rush, there will be many more days ahead.
Pls keep us posted as to when you complete the project and hopefully available.

also try battery 3 they have some decent percussion sounds. i particularly like their african percussion sounds but they have decent bongas and congas in their afro-cuban samples