Logic Pro 9 again with the MIDI

Hey all. I have asked about this before, but have only gotten vague answers and trying to figure this out is about to drive me insane.
i have an mpc and i want logic to kick off the mpc so that i can dump the tracks. i have gone into the environment and set up external instruments and everything else i can come up with, but nothing seems to be working. the problem is not with the mpc. i have used it for years, and works fine when dumping to the old busted pro tools. the logic is just not sending midi. any help would be much appreciated.
i am using lp9 on a mac pro 2.6 dual with 2 profire 2626.

thanks again
Go to lmgtfy.com, enter a query and click one of the search buttons. It will generate a link for you. When you visit the link it shows a user how to Google what they were looking for.
i appreciate the sarcasm there jackass but your answer was of zero help. i have looked for this a thousand times a thousand different ways, have done all the things that all the different links and forums have suggested, and i can never seem to find the answer. it seems that logic just isnt generating midi, or the profire i guess. its just starting to be way more complicated than i would think it should be. any help from someone with actual input? thanks again.