Logic Pro 8 Aggregate One to GR 3 Kontrol


To aggregate or not aggregate that is the question...I think????.I'm not even sure what aggregate means so bear with me!!Heres what i have and I'm retrying to do

1.Guitar rig 3 kontrol
2.Apogee One

I want to use the GR Kontrol as my input for gtr and the One for input for mics and always as the output.....It ain't working out to well though.

#1.is this possible?
#2.How to hook it up

what I've Done.
1.I've assigned the GRK and One to the appropriate I/O in systems/ sound...no worky
2.I can only assign either or the GRK or One as the device in Logic
3.I've tried assigning the I/O in Audio Midi Setup and it won't change.

btw I've read AMS is where you "aggregate" devices but I see nothing there .AAMOF It doesn't look ANYTHING like the One manual shows..on top of that if I open AMS it won't open from the dock i have to quit from there then reopen utilities and open from there(that seems very wrong!....