Logic Pro 9 aiff files and logic?

No conversion should be necessary - Logic should have no problems using aiff files.

Or have I misunderstood something?

kind regards

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AIFF files in logic 9

The feedback from logic when trying to import an AIFF file is this:

Audio file "black.tk" hasn´t got sufficient access privileges so the overview can not be saved!
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AIFF files in logic 9

Hey Mark

JIPPI yes I just got it to work but got confused by the message from logic. I tried again and now it works despite the message logic gives me..:D


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You might want to read the message a little closer.. ;-) it says Logic can't WRITE to the file so it can't create a wave image and you won't be able to save it with destructive editing (optimizations etc). Logic can read the file but does not have permission to write to it.

My guess is, you've dragged an AIF file straight from a CD into the arrange window? You might want to copy it to the harddisk first and drag it in from there. If you already did that and still get this message, you can right-click on the aif file and enable write permission for it.

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HI Maurits

No I imported it from the arrange window but I´ll try to right-click on the file to enable write permission. Thanks for the tip !

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