Logic Pro 9 aif's... Do I need to keep them?


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I'm very new to Logic, to computers and recording software generally, and the making of backing tracks for my band. So I hope no one minds my rudimentary? questions.

Whenever I download an mp3 track and then put it into a logic project, logic then creates an AIF. What should I do with these?

Advise much appreciated.
I'm not new to PC recording or digital audio, so I know the difference between MP3, .aif and .wav; but I'm very new to Logic and the Mac. So I'd like to take the original question one step further and ask:

Is there any reason or advantage to using .aif files for audio tracks rather than .wav files?

I'm working in Logic on a few projects that were started in Sonar on a PC. The tracks we're importing from those projects are 24 bit .wav files.

Thanks for all advice and info.
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For the most part, with identical bit depths and sample rates, they are identical in terms of quality.

Here are some (minor) differences which may or may not be important to you:

With broadcast wav files, you can incorporate time stamping information; so that they can be associated with an absolute position in relation to your project. This is good if you want to move the files to another DAW.

With aiff files, you have easier ability to convert to apple loops, should the need arise.
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More about aif or aiff

Thanks for the helpful info everyone. Did I mention I'm using a Mac?

Now, when I put an mp3 into Logic and it creates the AIF, then that region in the Logic project is an AIF - correct?

It also puts another AIF onto my desktop. So far I've saved most of these AIF's in a folder.....in case it is necessary to do so. I don't know if it really is.

And I THINK I've found that if I dump these AIF's into the trash and then open up the project, up pops a window saying "files not found in usual location" and there is an option to SEARCH FOR THEM or SKIP, or SKIP ALL. So if I SKIP ALL, then the project opens up and I can work on it like normal, nothing seems to be missing, it seems to me.

The reason I think I want to get rid of all these AIF's in the folders is to free up more space on my HD.

Should I keep them and compress them instead? Or something else?

Maybe I'm out of my depth knowledge-wise here, again your help is much appreciated.
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Make sure your project settings are set to copy imported assets (ie: audio files) to your project folder. That way anything you bring in will be saved within the project folder.

Look under the project settings to modify your asset management settings.
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>> With aiff files, you have easier ability to convert to apple loops, should the need arise.<<

Thank you for that information; exactly the sort of thing I needed to know.

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