Logic Pro 9 Akai .akp to EXS24


just purchased a nice gtr set from indiginius - download came in Kontakt and Akai. - I have the Kontakt player... but well I wont go into NI right now... anyway thought I may be able to convert the .akp Akai S5000 into the EXS - can use the utility inside EXS -as I dont have a Akai formatted disc - right? - so I got CDxtraxt. - basically I opened it up - and coverted the patch to EXS24.
Withn EXS 24 I "created a new sampler instrument" in the editor - and loaded the exs24 patch - looks like samples are there, and everything plays like its supposed i.e .mappings, layers, etc. - HOWEVER, compared to the one patch that I was able to load into the Kontakt player - (before it cut me off after 30 minutes for DEMO mode) - the gtr sounds seem dull and low volume - would the conversion mess with any setetings - or is there something I missed - this is the fist tme I've experimented with the EXS.