Logic Pro 8 Akai LPD8 MIDI issue. Logic MIDI hangs at start up until computer power cycle =(

It extremely annoying--Whenever I have my Akai LPD8 plugged in, Logic Pro 8 will not load right with 'checking midi' hanging on the opening screen after my computer is put to sleep since it's turned on. In other words, Logic loads MIDI just fine after a fresh restart. But once the comp goes to sleep and head back to it later, Logic won't load MIDI. When Logic finally loads without MIDI, I get an error message like this: 'Mac OS X Midi not available.'

I searched some forums on here, and saw the suggestion to go into the MIDI Drivers folder and remove them. I had some Line6 driver, an M-audio, and an old eMagic driver. Logic still won't work right with the Akai LPD8 plugged in (I have to restart the comp without it connected in order to not have the issue). The conflict seems to be with the Akai LPD8. It's annoying because it doesn't even have a driver--it's supposed to be completely compliant with OS X. This makes me wonder if there are any other tricks I can try to solve this issue.

Any suggestions? Thanks much!

Logic Pro 8.
OS 10.4.11