Logic Pro X Alesis Q25/Logic Pro X modwheel assignment problem

john ballinger

New Member
Hi everyone. At the risk of embarrassing myself I need to ask this question. I just bought a new Alesis Q25 and assumed
the modulation wheel would control modulation. i.e. if I open up a Studio Strings patch I should be able to control the
modulation with the mod wheel. I have another controller which works as expected. Can't figure out how to assign the modwheel
to control modulation.

Similarly if I open up LA Scoring Strings and load up a cello I can't control either the pitch or the expression with the Alesis. Even on
my OLD Alesis Q25 I could control these parameters. I've search high and low on the web but can't find any help. There seems to be VERY
scant info on how to program the Q25. All that arrived with the unit was a "quickstart" guide. Nothing on the Alesis site (that I could find) is
of any help and their customer service by phone is closed now. Please help and thanks for any ideas.

Logic Pro X 10.6.4
Mac OX 10.14
3.1 ghz iMac i&
16 GB Ram