Logic Pro 9 All notes off button

Hi there,

For a project I been working on now I need to establish the panic button in Logic environment which sends all notes off message.
What I already know is that it's controller #123 and I need to send it on all 16 channels with the use of one button.

The problem is that a button in Logic environment allows only 1 channel at time and there is no omni channel.

Is there any suggestions how to build such button for all 16 channels at once?

Please send me your feedback I'm eager to receive your comments.

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Alright I managed this to work this way:

Made a button which sends CC#123 on channel 1 and then split it's signal on 16 transformer objects. The first is just pass through, the second is channel Value add 1, the third is channel Value add 2 and so on.

You can see it there:

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I thought this was already assignable to the stop button isnt it?
Im sure it is in the version of Logic Im using (6.4.3)
Its been a standard 'need' since the beginning of software sequencers in particular. There used to be an option somewhere to tickbox a 'send all notes off message' which then linked it to the stop button (and space bar etc). This message is then always sent over all 16 MIDI channels - or in the case of using more thru a MIDI routing device it would send it to every MIDI device connected to the system.
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yes, but in Live situations where you can't press the stop button such button will be of use for example. On my AMT-8 midi interface I have such and I implemented it in Logic now. Very easy. If someone knows even more easier way to do this in Logic please let me know.
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I see what you mean although to be honest I wouldnt feel that comfortable sending out an all notes off message in the middle of a live set (thats exactly the same as pressing the stop button anyway isnt it?)

but you might be able to reroute it thru a foot pedal switch couldnt you? (going back to my earlier suggestion you could also have the pedal routed to the stop function which means you could press it and then press it again to start almost simultaneously but for some reason that I dont understand thats too complicated lol whilst setting up the modular environment from hell is easier...lol

tut tut
Good luck with that
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ps I saw Erasure live in concert once many years ago and they had a MIDI drone problem - they just carried on playing with the acoustic guitar while keyboard techs ran frantically around doing things.

Only because Ive used MIDI live did I know what was going on - as far as everyone else was concerned Erasure had just pulled out the stops and started playing acoustically half way thru the song and they thought they were wonderful.

Back in the old Atari days I even had a wierd speeding up tempo thing happening live - but noone noticed (except me)

in my experience the simpler solutions are usually the best...
I still opt for the stop button/start button - its SOOOO much easier than any other convoluted environmental answer which will sound the same anyway! lol

Come to think of it theres another option somewhere in Logic I think which means that ends of notes automatically send out 'notes off' messages - its like a reinforcement of that I think - cant remember where though to be honest
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Hey Staircase2 thanks for your reply.

Yep working in live situations sometimes can be unpredictable and I need everything under my control right from the beginning. Talking to you I realised that I do need a comprehensive environment for all Line6 POD's we have with an ability to update their settings through midi out. It's a nice idea to toggle the 'notes off' from pedal board and I'll take that in account. However if I'll have some visual output for working with POD's and I'll notice something to stuck at some place I could just press this button from environment without interrupting the playback and look if it will helps. I'll also consider making separate note off buttons for each instrument on stage to control it this way. So it seems much broader subject than it first approached to me. Yet I'm sure I'm on the right track and will manage this.

Thanks for your input!

Best Regards,
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It Shouldnt Happen To A Vet

Bless ya but that all still sounds unncessarily complicated

MIDI drones occur when theres a problem.

Generally any MIDI note should stop itself when it sends out the note off message - if it doesnt do that its usually because a MIDI lead has become unplugged (unlikely) or theres a software problem.

It shouldnt be something which happens often - if it does then you need to sort out the problem - not create something to send out all notes off.

The way you talk about it makes me think its a problem youre experiencing quite a bit. It shouldnt be happening.

You also mentioned the Pod - is this the cause of the problem?

If so what exactly is the problem?
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the problem is there is no problem at all. I just modeled this situation in my head when all the midi controller data hangs and I want to be confident that if it will happen I have the right tool to prevent it. I never experienced problems with sending midi controller data during the sessions maybe I'm a little worried about this situation. For me it's best to prevent every unnecessary step in my work. So I decided to make this it's not a big issue at all to have such environments happen. It's just as easy as to learn what all objects can do and how you manage the layout of them.

The main idea is to make some visual output for those Pods I have to work with. And see if all controller information goes well.
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This is nonsense

This situation is almost certainly likely to never happen.

You dont have to create anything to deal with this issue. If it should ever happen then just push the stop bar - it really is that simple.

Youre overcomplicating something which doesnt need to even exist.

I get what youre saying about it being an intellectual excercise but the way you set it out earlier made it sound like a genuine problem you were having that you needed help with - had I known it was just an intellectual excercise based on being anxious about a situation that you thought might happen then I wouldnt have responded.

Either way my advice is that you dont need to do anything about this - at all.

Youre putting way too much energy into thinking about problems which might happen instead of putting energy into problems which CAN happen

Give yourself a break - and focus on real problems rather than imagined ones.

Bless you - that will give you more time to actually concentrate on music instead! lol
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