Logic Pro 8 Altiverb 6.33 IR Audition in Logic 9


Hello, I would be grateful for any advice on inserting Alitverb 6.33 into a AUX track or insert directly to a trk in Logic 9. The AUX I am using to bus tracks through the plug-in. In Logic 8.2 I can create a AUX trk then insert Altiverb, the Input would be Bus 1 (Stereo) Output Main Outs 1-2 my MOTU 2408 interface or directly insert to a trk.

I can then audition any IR with the plug-in features, one after another and hear the Output, without assigning to any track or playing back the sequence?

In Logic 9 I can't seem to do this, either via direct insert to a trk or the use of AUX. To get any output (hear) I have to create the AUX trk (Altiverb) then assign (Send) Bus 1 in the Audio trk raise the return level and hit the space bar (play back) before I hear the plug-in and IR selected.

If I switch IRs I can't hear or audition in Altiverb? I have to hit the space bar play! before I can audition or hear the IR. The idea you can set up the IR within the Plug-in and audition is a major feature. I am puzzled as why this maybe changed in 9. I wonder if it's a preference some where? Any help input would be greatly appreciated.

Altiverb 6.33 IR Audition in Logic 9 ANSWER

Hello for those who have Altiverb 6.33 the answer to my original post, is very simple! Having contacted Audioease. Create a 2nd AUX with a Input, 1-2 in my case and have the Output to the SAME BUS as AUX 1 where Altiverb is inserted, BUS 1 in this case. It keeps Altiverb live and stops Logic from shutting down Altiverb output to save CPU? So you can audition and change parameters without having to play the sequence and trks DH
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