Logic Pro 9 Amp Designer/Pedal Board presets?


I'm curious about Logic 9's Amp Designer/Pedal Board. One nice feature of Line 6's Pod Farm is the arrangement of the presets. They are set up under general headings such as "low gain," "medium gain," and "high gain." Then there are presets designed to emulate the guitar tones of certain songs. For these you search by song title.

Can someone describe how Apple has arranged the presets for "Amp Designer/Pedal Board"? I'd check at the local Apple Store, but ever since the new iMacs showed up, Logic doesn't exist on the display computers, so I can no longer play around with them. (I've checked the Apple Logic website, but can't find this level of detail.)



These are the Amp Designer presets.

Does that help?

- Sascha
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Oh, and here's the Channel Preset list (which is usually combining the Pedal Board, Amp Designer and whatever internal plugins). Personally, I never use those as they're pretty much over the top in many aspects.


- Sascha
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