Logic Pro 9 Ampgui / ControlSkin / miXbus

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3 things:

1. I'm wondering if anyone has installed the Logic ampgui mod that makes the level meters more attractive and reliable (http://ampguimods.net/logic_mods.html). I downloaded it a year or so ago and chickened out of installing it cuz I was afraid it would destabilize the program.

2. I was just reading today about logic-cafe's keyboard skin for logic, (http://logic-cafe.com/lc/index.php/controlskin-keyboard-cover) and wondered if people liked it or knew of any cheaper alternatives.

3. Also, I've just picked up Harrison's miXbus DAW and wondered if anyone has had success using it in conjunction w/ Logic for mixing purposes.


Not worried about Logic's gui.

I did pick up Mixbuss, still learning it.

It's a different workflow, but I do like the sound and the effects it comes with.

It's not as efficient as Logic when using 3rd Party plugs, but OK when using the internal plugs.

I have an Apollo so the UAD plugs help to take some of the load off.

I've been going over the video tutorials on their Youtube channel.

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I installed the Logic GUI since posting this and it works great.

It makes the reason I got the miXbus - easier gain staging - kinda superfluous, as it's much easier to tell where the levels really are in Logic now. I do like being able to do as much as I can in a single window with mXb, though. It keeps me more focused and integrated when mixing, cuz I don't have to open and close multiple plug in windows.

I'm a UAD user too, Apollo and Satellite Duos, it does integrate very well w. the Harrison.

Does anyone know if Logic automatically installs software updates? I was downloading 9.1.7 today and got a message saying a later version was already installed, presumably 9.1.8, which had to have happened manually. I'm wondering if I missed anything from earlier updates, like 9.1.1-6, or whether those were bundled in w/ periodic Apple software updates as well.
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logic-cafe's keyboard skin for logic, (http://logic-cafe.com/lc/index.php/controlskin-keyboard-cover)

Key commands can change. L9 introduced some changes from L8.

It would be better to gradually memorize your most frequently used key commands. Write them down on an index card that you keep close by.

Pay attention to the key commands in the various menus.

Option + k will open up the key commands window. Poke around to familiarize yourself with what's available.

The ampgui mods are very cool. I've used them since they were released.

Also check out EXS themes here:
http://www.speedupmydaw.com/index.php/products/exs-themes. The files need to be placed not only in the EXS24 folder in the Resources folder, but also in the Plug Ins folder. Both are inside the Contents folder.

When making gui mods, you should make a back up of the files that will be changed so that you can revert back to the default state.
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Thanks - didn't know about the option plus K, or the speedupmydaw site. Since picking up Logic 18 months back I've used Kontakt rather than EXS24 for sample libraries, but maybe if EX looked cooler I'd use it more!

I have an Akai MPK 49 and have been meaning to get around to mapping Logic's controls to it but never seem to get around to it. The newest Akai controller has controls premapped to Logic but was almost twice as expensive - and very, very, very red. Think Cherry Coke.
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