Logic Pro 7 & earlier An upgrade to Lion means no SoundDiver 3.1


Lion doesn't support Rosetta. If anyone out there is still using SoundDiver (final Beta), it won't run under Lion at all.
That is terrible news 🙁

I knew it was bound to happen eventually. I guess it's time to finally convert all of those old Appleworks documents to Pages 🙁

Does Filemaker Pro v.8 run in Rosetta? If so, I guess it will be time to upgrade that as well.....
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Don't get your hopes up: do you really think Apple is reviving a product that was pretty much dead since Mac OS X, even before Apple bought Emagic? When is the last time Apple released a new product that only purpose was to support even older hardware?

I would suggest the following: go to eBay and buy a very nice old PowerPC Mac. It is probably cheaper than any new version of SoundDiver would be and if you keep old MIDI hardware, why not keep an old Mac to configure it?
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Do you honesty believe my hopes will improve? No chance.

But I'd love to see some core MIDI patch name support directly in Logic. ;D

My reason for posting this thread was to warn anyone who valued SoundDiver (as I do), in case they were unaware of the change and they were about to upgrade their only computer. Your suggestion is a good one though.
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