an upgrade


I'm with you too,
I read a few months back that Logic 9 was sent to beta testers, but I hope it has some real fixes, and not just a face lift and boob job.


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please, an upgrade, just to fix bugs.

Well, of course every logic user wants bugs to be fixed.

The idea in this section of the forum is to describe individual bugs, and how they may be isolated and reproduced in order to try to help solve them.

Or, to ask for specific features, describing in detail what it is you would like.
Posting that you would like all bugs fixed is understandable, but from the point of view of getting them solved it is better to be specific.

Perhaps you might like to have a look at the guidelines for the wishlist:

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Pepe Ortega

We all know that bugs exists on L8. I´m not going to recall all of them. you can surf on internet and find them on Logic forums.
My wish is an upgrade. no more. I´m a pro user, since Notator 3 (atari) days, so I know how to use my software, and I run Logic as Main DAW on a pro studio
I´m not talking about Logic functions or workflow vs Pt, Nuendo or any other daw.
I´m happy with logic, just want a great program. One year with out solutions or news It´s a lot of time. Yes, I have sent numerous messages and sugestions@apple feedback.
I think fixing bug it´s an improvement...

It´s my wish, If moderator consider It´s not a "real wish" maybe you may move my post to your "moan" zone.
This is a super big problem for me. I've been telling people not to buy logic. A year without upgrades is ridiculous! Some of these bugs are very major. Makes me think that Apple is going to discontinue Logic. Anyone heard anything about that?