Antares AutoTune Pro & Selection Based Processing in Logic Pro X not working as expected


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I just posted this to the Apple Community Forum--I was having the same problem as user sterntaler75 , see the original post I quoted below. The result after hitting "Apply" did not resemble what you heard in "Preview". I'm going to try to use AT (Graphic) in Real-time now on the track, which I never had to do in ProTools, where I always used Audiosuite if I wanted to be in Graphic mode.

"Antares AutoTune Pro & Selection Based Processing in Logic Pro X not working as expected
I try to use AutoTune in Graphic Mode with Selection Based Processing in Logic Pro X (The same way i use it in Pro Tools with AudioSuite).
I preview the file, adjust to taste and when everything sounds fine, i press "Apply".
So far so good, BUT the resulting "processed" region sounds totally different (super AutoTuned) than what i adjusted (subtle Pitch Correction) while previewing the region.
Anyone tried this? Is it a Logic Bug or a AutoTune issue?
Thanks for your Feedback!"


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Hi! I contacted Antares Tech Support, but they don't recognise this problem. I now wrote them again, as ATPro is still unusable for subtle pitch corrections via selection based processing. Or did you find a solution in the meantime?


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Hi--sorry for the delay I'm not checking back here so regularly. The short answer is no, I have to use it in real-time mode. Step one is listening for how many problems are fixed by normal real-time processing (non-graphic), then put another instance of AT before that plug and do graphic work in real-time. Then just bounce that fixed version of the track to a new file (is it called "bounce in place"?) I get the terminology mixed up between PT and Logic. It comes down to the same thing--writing a new file.