Logic Pro Any help for clicks and pops new since 10.7?


Been using Logic since it was Notator, and I've only had this problem since updating to Big Sur/10.7: Even relatively simple arrangements grind to a halt a few bars in with a 'Disk Too Slow' dialogue (my projects are on my boot disk, which is SSD) although they will play the second time (maybe an external with samples on it needs to spin up?) and then if I work on a project for too long I get terrible clicks and pops unless I quit everything and reboot. I used to be able to bang out a scratch vocal quickly with the buffer at 128 or 256, but now I find I have to record at 64 to stay in sync, and then switch back to 1024 to mix, or Logic will labour, with clicks and pops. Even at 1024 I get clicks and pops if I work on the same project for a while, and I have to close out and reboot to clean up the performance.

Is this just where we're at with all the new features now, or do I need to spend a week trying to figure out which AU(s) are responsible for the trouble?