Logic Pro 8 Any Pluggo users can help a Cycling noob w/ Logic?


So I am migrating from a PowerMac G5 to a new iMac, switching from Tiger to Snow Leopard, PowerPC to Intel, and and scratching my head with some of the Pluggo plug-in hurdles for use with Logic Pro.

I really want to get the Pluggo plug-in, 'Average Inspector' working on my iMac, but I am confused with where to start. Somewhere in the span of my using aging technology, Cycling '74 has stopped Pluggo updates, but I think has put out Universal AU versions of their old plug-ins. The thing is, I can't seem to find 'Average Inspector' or any useful information. I kind of feel like I missed the boat with the changes that took place while I was blissfully using my last computer.

My G5 kicked the bucket, and I have projects that used that heck out of that plug. Is there anyone familiar with Pluggo and what a guy like me should do?

Oh yeah, I tried downloading the legacy Pluggo 3.61 software, assuming it would work (either because Rosetta would kick in, or it would actually be Universal), but the installer failed. A google search showed other people with the same installer error with Snow Leopard.

I obviously never got too involved with Cycling '74 products to know what to do. Thanks so much!!
I don't think they ever made it to Intel actually. I remember having to drop them going from my old G5 to my iMac or Mac Book Pro. Wish I could offer you better news.

On the other side, a new (old) Mac G5 is allow less that the entire Pluggo package cost back then, so it shouldn't be too much to get a replacement so you can bounce out your old stuff. I know of a number of people who have older machines just for this reason.