Logic Pro 9 Any Pro Tools Users Defecting to Logic?


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Hi Everyone,

I've been a Pro Tools LE user for a number of years. When I read that Avid would be charging $250 for an upgrade to Pro Tools LE 9 (plus $40 for the mandatory iLok) I decided to explore other options.

My main concern is with CPU overload. I recently purchased a new Mac Mini with 8GB RAM, and a Glyph external hard drive. I had hoped that the dreaded Pro Tools 6101 CPU overload errors would be a thing of the past, but even with a much more powerful computer, the errors continued, and most frustrating, there would be no rhyme or reason. I could play a 16-track project with no problems, but it would choke on a file with no more than 7 or 8 tracks. Extremely frustrating when you are losing creative time to constantly troubleshoot.

Are there any former Pro Tools users out there who have had similar issues? Have you had any better luck with Logic?
First off, in my opinion that $250 price for the Protools upgrade was very cheap considering you could run your own hardware and finally had delay compensation.

That said, Protools is still the WORST dsp efficient POS out today, bar non!

So, Logic will take time to learn, and you will have a few things to scream about (but then, every daw has a few, right) but the fact is that Logic is almost the best at CPU use, especially when using their own plug-ins, which are pretty dang good.

Get as much ram as you can, and a fast external drive, your good to go.

Be ready for everyone to say "Protools is the "pro"app, heck, it's in it's name" but you will know, that for the first time in a couple of decades, you will actually be able to create a full arrangement of music, using lots of plug-ins, VI's and your now uncontrolled creativity, be cause for once, the damn thing won't stop after 5 tracks and one VI!

FYI I actually like Protools, as long as I only have to mix with 3 card TDM system, or better yet, get stems ready for the remixer (who will likely transfer them to Logic or Cubase anyways).
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Thanks George. That was what I was hoping to hear.

$250 may be relatively cheap for PT 9, but I think I only paid $75 for the upgrade from 7 to 8. They also require an iLok, which is another $40.
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I agree with George.
You'll get way more milage with Logic than with PT LE. I have 4 TDM2 systems at the studio, and most of my engineers use PT because its the "default" software many engineers use, but when it comes to composition, remixing, sound design, and even Audio Post Logic is my go to software. Its a way deeper program than PT, but it is infinitely customizable, so you can use many of the PT shortcuts you are already used to, to get things going quickly . Good Luck.
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I agree with George and Gio.

I love PT also, but PT is like a high maintenance, wayward and unrepentant spouse.
Eventually it's best to move on. LOL.
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When I got my PT 9 upgrade last year I gave it a good test drive and wrote/recorded a song that also released as a single. The song consisted of a few guitar tracks using amp sims, bfd2, trilian, a few pro tools native VIs and about 10 vocal tracks (most of which where backgrounds). Not a big project by any means. When I got into mixing it was all I could do to get through the session as PT kept hiccuping and quitting due to CPU spikes. I had to render most of the VIs to be able to do the mix. I couldn't imagine using this as my main DAW for general creative production work. As George says, you get way more CPU overhead with Logic. But, you have to commit to learning it and I believe that's where a lot of people fall short who say they dislike it (I used to be one of them).Good luck.

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I'll just add my confirmation to what everyone has been saying. I have and use both, and Pro Tools 9 gets nowhere near the CPU mileage that Logic gets.
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Well, I must then add my 2 öre.
I love working in my PT LE 8, I do most of my tracking and all my mixing in PT.
I love the working space; two windows: nothing more, nothing less. I have no problems with cpu power on a Macbook Pro, even when using 48 tracks chock-a-block with Waves plugins.

I use Logic for composition (films, theatre, dance), recording VI's, outboard midi racks, synths/samplers and, though it took some time getting round it's design quirks I do appreciate it.
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