Logic Pro 7 & earlier anyone still using OS 9?


I have an older project that I need to resurrect, was done in OS 9 on Logic Pro 6.4.3. I have a G4 dual 1.25 that will boot in either OSX or OS 9, and I remember that toward the end of my time with OS 9, after installing OSX and pretty much living there with Logic 7 (and now 8) that performance in OS 9/Logic 6 seemed to be noticeably poorer. Songs that previously played fine with 50+ tracks and lots of plugins now froze whenever a new section of a tune introduced a few new parts, closing a song often brought up a dialog box with an ominous warning or the dreaded bomb icon, and worst of all, a freeze meant re-booting, which-unlike the rapid reboot in OSX-meant waiting fifteen or twenty minutes for the machine to unscramble its brain and be ready to continue working, an unacceptably long time when a client was waiting. Sometimes this would happen two or three times in the course of a session. Other programs were affected by the cohabitation with OSX as well; I remember that Peak, for instance, slowed to a nearly unusable crawl, taking five or six minutes to save a simple edit.

Moving the project to Logic 7 or 8 in OSX is an option, of course, but because they are not compatible with the OS, it would mean a sizeable re-investment in Waves plugins-a company I have not supported in recent years-or replacing all the plugs, track by track, with OSX equivalents (of which I own few outside of the ones that come with Logic).

So I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy another Dual 1.25 on ebay, install OS 9 only, and set it up to run Logic 6, or bite the bullet, drag the project into the present and just deal with it. I'm leaning towards the latter, but wondered if anyone else had dealt with a similar dilemma.


Im in a somewhat similar position - not sure as yet whether to sell my G4 (Dual 1G machine) and upgrade to a laptop or not - let me know if youre interested in buying mine from me!
(Im running 6.4.3 on OS9.2 but have recently upgraded also to OSX (10.5.8) and then having all the inherent problems of upgrading (ie paying for) plug-in instruments etc.



If you have the funds and you're already comfortable with os x and new versions of Logic, upgrade. For me, it's all about getting the musicial ideas in Logic without all the hassle. Buying a old computer from somebody else means hoping they'll give you something that works


OOoer Missus!

But I don't have the funds - thats the whole point - and Im not alone in that either..

Anyway - what you doing loitering about on the legacy thread if you're using the latest version? lol
People don't use old computers for the sake of it (generally). Its mostly to do with not having the funds to upgrade not that they're 'scared of future developments' lol
Remember: a lot of the people we're talking about have been making music with Logic from the very beginning - so they generally know what they're talking about....

PS I can assure you that my old G4 is in excellent condition bless you! lol

PPS just for the record: I don't think the problem with running Version6 in OS9.2 is that you've also got OSX installed.

I already had OSX installed when the G4 was bought. ANd I too was able to use many many more tracks, plug-ins etc until towards the end of using the system proper it would choke on just a handful of tracks and a handful of synth plug-ins.

I think its something to do with the system itself - possibly fragmentation perhaps? Or perhaps its to do with available hard disc space too - who knows.