Anyone using Logic and a big flat screen for the program/vid

I am thinking of moving to a large screen and wondering if anyone has any advice re brands, distance, size, tech specs, or whether it will just be weird to try to run a computer program from a big screen. should I just figure it will be only good for video? I am used to a 23" right in front of me but my new studio seems to suggest to me that I set up in a different way. thanks...
Hi Jamie,
I have a 48 inch LCD full HD screen. I use it for playing quicktimes of films that I'm scoring and for getting some open windows out of the way of my main monitors. The resolution isn't as good as my computer monitors. My TV is an LG 1080 dpi / 60 hz and I have it running out of a separate video card from my MacPro.

Good luck,
If you can afford it, go for one of the 30" screens from Apple or Dell (and I think there's a couple of other manufacturers making them now). They're a bit expensive but you'll never want to use anything else again - it's the incredibly high resolution (2560x1600) that makes them so valuable. More of your arrange / mixer / plugins visible at any one time.

I've used TV-style screens on PCs too, and how useful they are comes down to resolution vs. screen size vs. your distance from them. 1080p TVs can make pretty good general purpose monitors (ie. not for doing colour-critical film grading on) so long as you have them set up correctly and you sit the right distance away from them. Avoid 720p monitors unless they're small or it's a little way away from you; either way they don't give you much screen estate / pixels to work with.

Whatever you decide, make sure you have your Mac set to the native resolution of the display or it'll end up looking blurry.