Anyone working with HD video?

Hi Luggers,

I am looking for someone who has been working with HD. I need to find a device that can take HD out of Logic via firewire, and then convert to HDMI. A Camcorder with video play through would work, or some kind of a recorder device, the main concern is that the price not get much above $1,000 to $1,250 tops.

I know that Canopus makes an HD converter, just can't spend $5000 for a single use device. I am thinking that, with HD becoming the way composers are getting content, rather than SD video at 29.97 FPS, someone has to have some experience doing this. I actually contacted some people I know at Apple, and was told that HD and Logic is still pretty new, and that they didn't have much advise on this for me.

Thanks for your help in advance,

George Leger III

new updated web site:
I'd go for one of these if you're using a MacPro George.

The PCIe version. It allows you to display the vision via the Digital Cinema Desktop option in the video out settings. (you install the driver software for the card and it appears in the available out list.)
It also works as a capture card.

Haven't got mine as yet, but was doing a lot of research into it a few weeks ago. Several colleagues are using it with Final Cut too (which has the same available Digital Cinema Desktop option).

Worth a google anyway.