Apogee Duet (firewire) and Mavericks


Hi there. This is a bit off topic for this forum but since I know a lot of you use Apogee products I thought I'd ask. I have an older firewire version of the Apogee duet that I've been using for about 5 years. I like it so much that I made sure I bought a MacBook pro that still had a firewire port. All went well until I upgraded to Mavericks. I downloaded the new Mavericks drivers for the Firewire duet. Logic 9 works fine, however iTunes does not, particularly movie and TV show playback, though music seems fine. Pops and crackles everywhere on video playback unless I unplug the duet and just go through my computer's speakers. Then the pops and crackles disappear. The movie and shows also work fine through Apple TV. The stuff is on an external HD. I've been talking to Apogee support about this and they're as baffled as I am. Anyone have any ideas what this might be?
Very similar situation over here: have been using Duet FW since 2008 - love it's sound and simplicity - but since 10.9.x I get this stuttering sound quite often when watching videos together with Duet (no problems when watching them without Duet). Have you found a solution by now?

In addition - since upgrading to 10.9.4 - my Mac keeps loosing the FW connection to the Duet about once an hour ... which is really annoying. I have to restart and then it works for another hour. I've contacted support and wait for their answer. I've read that this "disappearing" of Duet has been an issue with Lion - but I had no problems back then and didn't have any until 10.9.4. Do you have this problem too?
On my machine, a 15" MacBook Pro (2012) running 10.9.4. Duet 2 firewire works fine within Logic 9. However playback of iTunes movies or TV shows results in audio static. Not so if I play the same files through the computer's internal speakers. I dialogued with Apogee support about this but other than suggest that I change the bit rate to 96000 when doing video playback, they had nothing more to offer. Changing the bit rate is a pain and the results are mixed.
Hm, that's a strange advice. A higher sample rate will stop the stuttering? I thought the higher the rate the more work it'll be for my Mac. Have you ever tried this tip and did it work?

Of course changing the rate each time I want to watch a tutorial video is not very comfortable. But I might do it for longer videos as the stuttering is quite annoying.

However, a disappearing interface is even more annoying. It goes bye-bye without any warning and makes some loud cracks in addition. Then I have to restart to fix it. :mad:

If Apogee doesn't come up with a solution for this I seriously consider getting a new audio interface - which would be a shame ...
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Duet software including the driver and it seems to be stable again (no loss of connection yesterday during a 3 hour Logic session). :D

Moreover I might have discovered another method to avoid the audio static WITHOUT changing the sample rate: try selecting the movie file and hit the space bar to launch the preview mode. You can even enlarge it to full screen in this mode and I didn't experience the audio static. But as soon as I double-click the file to launch it within the quicktime movie player I had the audio static again (provided I haven't changed to 96kHz - in that case it's gone there too). Perhaps this works for you too? ;-)
This sounds a problem I had been having with my Focusrite Saffire Pro24DSP FireWire interface. After one of the Mavericks updates, audio played through the interface from Safari or QuickTime 10 would stutter. Audio from logic or QuickTime 7 would be fine. There were a lot of discussions on this in the Apple forums. Most of the workarounds involved increasing the sample rate for playback, either in the interface's software, or by some kludge, such as running Garageband in the background with the sample rate set at 48K or higher. Prompted by your discussion thread, I discovered that Focusrite released an update to their Mixcontrol software (v 3.4) specifically to address this issue. It's now working for me. (So thanks to rainguitar for starting this thread) Maybe someone can shame Avid into developing a fix as Focusrite has done!
So, this seems to be as much a FW issue as it is a driver issue of the manufacturer ...
Thx for sharing this. I thought it's only a problem with Duet FW.