Apogee Duet vs Echo Audiofire 4



Anyone here using the apogee duet? Been hearing great things about the sound quality in this thing (preamps, converters) and I have been getting the impression that this is as good as it gets for the price range and Im wondering if I should check it out.
Im currently using an Echo Audiofire 4 which also is known for good preamps, but Im curious to know if theres a big difference in sound quality in these two soundcards?
If anyone here has experience using the Duet and other cards, please share your opinions.



I'm using the duet.

I am happy with it, and one guy who mixed a few of my songs said the raw recordings I provided him were nicely done and very clean.

No regrets here.

Doug Zangar

I have it - it was my main interface for a while - preferred over the PT 002R that I also had regarding sound quality. It no longer is the primary interface, having dumped the 002R and replacing that with an Ensemble. And that's the only reason I don't use it regularly.


I have a Duet and I like it a lot.
The sound quality is great and was a step up from my previous interface (MOTU 828MKII).
It is well integrated with the Apple operating system and versatile (I sometimes used it as a re-amping interface for example).
The only complaints you will see is about it is the break-out cables, but I don't mind it.