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I am a newbie and just bought a Duet. I am trying to run my digital piano via line out to the Duet's input but do not hear anything on my monitors. I currently have both outputs (L/mono and R) on my piano to both inputs on the Duet. I know Duets outputs are working since I can hear sounds from my imac (i.e. YouTube) through my monitors. NEED HELP! Thanks!

Korg SG-Pro-X digital piano, Roland DS-50A monitors, Duet, 27" imac, 2.93ghz quad core, 8gig Ram, 1TB HD.
Might be time to crack open the manual that came with the Duet so you can see how the settings work, including Maestro software. The problem could be there, or it could be with your system audio settings (or both). Make sure Duet is selected for input. I'd start with the system audio, adjustable via System Preferences or Audio MIDI setup.
Good Advice

Doug, good advice for all of us. I sometimes get wrapped around the axle with an issue and forget RTFM.