Apogee One vs Any Other Interface And Mic (for the same price)


Hi everyone,

I've been doing a bit of research in preparation for buying an interface and microphone (instead of borrowing gear like I'm doing at the moment), and I am liking the look of the Apogee One.

I am looking to record acoustic guitar and vocals (one at a time) to make decent-quality demos of my original music, so all I need is the ability to record one track at a time, and a mic that's good enough to do both guitar and voice.

Now I don't want to get too tangled up in technical discussion (and splitting hairs over personal tastes in sound), so all I'm asking is this:

Is there any combination of interface and condenser mic out there that would be a substantially better buy than the One for the same price (NZ$500), for the purpose outlined above?

Any input is appreciated, as are any thoughts on the One from anyone who has used it for a similar project.

the question you are asking is directly related to either the 'technical' aspects of the One and a comparative system, or very subjective personal opinion on what is 'better' and what you mean by 'substantially.'

Every person on this list could probably give you a different opinion- I'm not sure how all of those opinions would be helpful to you at all...

With that said- if you like the Apogee One, why not invest in that?
Eddie is right. We cannot seriously suggest different recording setups without going technical.

In this particular case and since you seem to like the Apogee One, I think I can make a simple suggestion: Get it and don't buy a microphone. The built-in microphone is reported as very good for recording. I mean really good, it already surprised some audio engineers.

Then, if you find out that the built-in microphone does not fit to your voice and your guitar and your style of music, we can talk about another mic.
one other thing that might help us help you- if you tell us the gear you've been borrowing and if you are happy with those results- maybe you could benefit from duplicating that setup somehow.. and we could make some recommendations based on that...
Thanks for your replies!

Eddie you're right about the differing opinions that would be offered by the members here, which is why I figured asking for a large amount of detail would no doubt produce all sorts of replies that didn't always agree with each other... it's very subjective I know.

All I was after was "no don't get it, it's mic is crap and the thing's a rip-off" but Peter has mentioned what many reviews seem to say; the built in mic is surprisingly good for what it is.

I'm almost certain to go with the One, I just wanted to check and see whether it actually lives up to the standard suggested by most of the reviews. So unless someone out there has a compelling reason to avoid it, I'll be buying one soon.

Thanks again!