Apple address film composing needs


I'd like Apple to give some serious workflow improvements to Logic for scoring to picture. Most film composers use Digital Performer because of its comprehensive scoring features.


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but im not convinced by your "most use DP" statement.. ive never seen any numbers that say that..of the composers i know professionally working in nz ( i can off my head think of 9) no one is using DP, its either logic or PT.

zimmer uses cubase. he probably pays them to implement features :)


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Hi Judith

Please be more specific - exactly which feature are you looking for that is missing in Logic?

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Jay Asher

While it is absolutely true that DP has some terrific features that Logic users love, it also has some liabilities.

And Judith, I cannot speak for Canada but here in LA there are more Logic based TV film composers than those using DP.


I knew that I was going to get into trouble for saying 'most film composers use DP':) Truth is, I have no facts to substantiate my impression that DP is more popular with media composers.

As for what I'd like to see in the next incarnation of Logic, it would simply be a more elegant way of scoring a film with many cues... something similar to the DP chunks. I also like that DP can generate wipes.

I don't want to come off as a Logic basher........ au contraire:) The Loop Browser has been a perfect utility for my current TV series.


Hi Ginger,
Thanks for sending me the link for the 'Making Logic More Film Score Friendly'. Unfortunately, all of the posts were 2 years old. To be fair, Logic has addressed some of the issues talked about in the logicprohelp forum. For example, importing tracks from another project is now pretty elegant.

The big remaining issue, for folks on the forum as well as for me, is the timeline. Film scoring often requires variations of previous cues within a project or moving cues around because of director's notes. When there are tempo changes and meter changes, havoc easily prevails. Workarounds include meticulous note taking and renaming of the original project as cues are being slid around.

Maybe Logic 10 will give us DP style chunks...