Logic Pro 8 Apple Logic Pro App Kit

Howie Roxx

Hey Guys,

I installed this update (Apple Logic Pro App Kit) on my MAC BOOK PRO 2.33 running Logic Studio 8 on Tiger OSX 10.4.11.

DOH!!! I now realize that it was for Leopard 10.5 and above. DARN!

Neither Logic 8 or any applications associated with Logic 8 will not open (nothing).

How can I uninstall this application, the Apple Pro App Kit 5.0

New Pro Application kit which pertains to Logic Pro

http://support. apple.com/ downloads/ ProKit_5_ 0

Anyone had the same experience? OR Am I the ONLY stupid user on this group?

Howard :brkwl:

"I know it's ONLY Rock and Roll... but I like it!" ~H~
I did what someone suggested and found a link to a previous version, Pro Kit 4.5. http://support. apple.com/ downloads/ ProKit_4_ 5 for Tiger OSX

I won't let me install the patch. It says:

"ALERT" Your computer does not need this update."

If I could find out how to uninstall Prokit 5.0 That MAY allow me to install Prokit 4.5.

Unfortunately I do not know how to go about doing that without a further catastrophe.

What do you guys think?

Howie :confused:
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Have you a system back up you can revert to? Obviously not time machine if you are still on tiger, but a ccc or super duper clone could be quite useful?

If you can't get rid of it, a fresh install or upgrading to leopard may be the only options left to you.

kind regards

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Y I K E S!

I was hoping to wait do a fresh install with 'Snow Leopard' and skip 'Leopard'.

Maybe someone else has another idea. I hope, I hope......

Thanks for the posting,

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Y I K E S!

I was hoping to wait do a fresh install with 'Snow Leopard' and skip 'Leopard'.

Fair point - but you could consider doing a fresh tiger install now, then updating that to Snow leopard when it is available.

kind regards

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