Logic Pro 9 Apple LogicKeyboard v XSKN Keyboard


I've just upgraded to Logic 9, and almost simultaneously my MacPro's keyboard has started playing up (certain keys not working). I can't seem to find repair instructions anywhere and, given that it is now out of warranty, a repair is likely to approach the cost of a new keyboard.

So, I'm thinking of getting a keyboard which has Logic's most commonly used key commands printed on it. On the Apple Store site I see they offer two apparently competing keyboards, one made by Apple and one known as the XSKN Logic Studio Keyboard. The price differential is not great, and I was wondering if any users had any knowledge or information on the pros and cons of either, or both. Or indeed if any users had any input in their respective designs?
The only drawback to these is that Logic has the ability to allow users to customize their key command sets. Each user potentially uses Logic in a different way (based on style of production, etc...) so if a user customized Logic in this way, these keyboards may end up being useless...

If you're interested in using Logic using the key command layout that match these keyboards, then these are very handy.
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While I won't comment on the specific keyboard, I can tell you from personal experience, it has made a very positive difference for an old time Logic user. I have nothing but great things to say about this kind of product. The manuals that come with Logic, even when meticulously read and studied, can still leave me a bit lost (even after over 15 years as a full time Logic guy). Having the key commands there, in front of my eyes, makes a huge difference.

I have the KBCovers one, and I love it.

I will often reprogram the most used key commands on to my fkeys so I have access to them when I need them (if you are like me, there are only a few key commands other than the defaults that you really use day to day) so the "preset" format hasn't been a big issue, for me.

I'm sure which ever you get, it will really help you. I know it was a huge help to me.

George Leger III

BTW Orren, was one of the people who assisted in the creation of the KBCovers Logic Pro cover.
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Thanks Eddie and George for the helpful replies.

I agree that the customize key commands feature adds enormous flexibility to individual users' workflow, but I must agree with George that it is a relatively small number of key commands that I use all the time. It was this reason that makes the idea of having others that I might not normally take the time to bother learning printed on the keyboard in front of me so appealing.

Without wanting to sound overly obsequious(!) I would have to say that the design with Orren's input would have to get my vote, given the enormous amount of assistance the LUG has given me over the years (I might post very infrequently, but I read very regularly).
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I'm interested in the KBCovers for the US thin keyboard, I was just wondering if these covers are in sync with the US presets key commands in Logic 9?
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