Logic Pro 9 Apple Loops And Production Music



Can someone please explain to me if it is legal to use Apple loops found in Logic 9 on Production music CDs. ie music that networks use on TV radio etc

Particularly the vocal melodies which logic 9 has?

If the answer is yes. Then Im presuming it works like any plugin software you buy in which you must have 2 or 3 other instruments running at the same time.

I have emailed Apple copyrights
but they never get back to you

Im aware that Apple loops can be used for media. But are there restrictions on the level of Broadcast media?

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This is taken from Apple's Logic Studio EULA:


C. Except as otherwise indicated, you may use the Apple and third party audio file content (including, but not limited to, the Apple Loops, built-in sound files, samples and impulse responses) (collectively the "Audio Content"), contained in or otherwise included with the Apple Software, on a royalty-free basis, to create your own original soundtracks for your film, video and audio projects. You may broadcast and/or distribute your own soundtracks that were created using the Audio Content, however, individual Apple loops, audio files, sound settings, samples and impulse responses may not be commercially or otherwise distributed on a standalone basis, nor may they be repackaged in whole or in part as audio samples, sound files, sound effects or music beds.
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Pete Thomas

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I have used Apple Loops in commercial production music. Using easily identifiable vocal samples is OK, but will probably have limited appeal as I imagine they've been done to death by now.

It's right to be careful. Other libraries sometimes insist on a credit, and the company I work for have actually had to settle expensive actions due to oversights regarding such clauses.
I just purchased the 50% off Kontakt 5 (enfin), and noticed in their EULA that, for the included Vienna Symphonic Orchestral samples, you DO NOT have to acknowledge the Vienna heritage for TV, but DO have to acknowledge for Music CDs, etc.

Confused yet?

Pete Thomas

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Possibly because very often on a TV production there is no space in the credits for such things. hard enough getting a credit for composing the thing in the fist place.