Logic Pro 9 applying plugins before recording


I know this should be easy and I thought I had it figured but it's not working.... example: if I want to apply compression (or reverb or anything) to a vocal signal 'before' it is recorded, what's the signal path that's going to work? I was trying to bring the signal from the desk into Aux 1 then insert the compressor (or FX) then send it to Audio track 1 and record the effected vocal. But it's coming through and recording clean.
Easy one:

Open your environment, make a new layer.

Now add a new input object, and assign it to the input you want to treat.

Send to a new auto track, and make sure the input is set to the same one you are using, and put it into record ready or press the insert monitor button (the little I beside the record button on your channel strip for your record track.

Add the effects you want on the inserts of your input fader, and record to your new audio track.

Your effects should be recorded to your track perminantly.
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