Are People happy with their MC Mix?


I've been researching the mc mix and mc control pretty thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that I'd be pretty happy with just having the mc mix (for now). I really like the thought of just being able to grab a bunch of faders and make quick changes. I have an Alphatrack that currently doesn't work in 64 bit mode so is useless, but, I miss it. Feedback?
Well, it looks like the original MC Control is now discontinued with a version 2 due out soon. I'm trying to confirm that the MC Mix is not updated as I'd hate to buy a version 1 right when a v2 comes out.
Wow Wow Wow I love my MC Mix with Avid taking over I guess that will end the Apple/Logic relationship.
:blsbrthrs:My personal hunch: Apple will come out with some sort of control surface of it's own. Something that will work with Garage Band, Logic, SoundTrackPro and Final Cut.

This is purely speculation of course. But, with PT support being dropped from Logic, and now this move with the Euphonics control surfaces; it sure does seem like it's becoming a matter of "choosing sides". Maybe they'll partner up with Apogee on something??

Okay: conspiracy theory speculation rant - oficially over.
I don't think Apple would spend resources to Hardware beside Computers,Iphone and Ipad. Ipod touch. It would have great if Apple had bought Euphonix. I just got a MC transport in Feb. I guess I shouldn't expect any life changing updates.
As far as I know, and after asking one of my sales reps, it looks like there isn't a new version of the mc mix coming out at this time. In the meantime, I've gotten my old Mackie D8B working again in HUI mode and, as clunky as it is, I really like being able to grab some real faders again!! It just doesn't have any touch automation ability unless you're in latch mode. But, for setting levels, etc it'll do. It's getting me pumped up to (eventually) get a better hardware controller, possibly the euphonix unit. I guess the only good thing with getting a controller that could eventually become outdated is that it won't affect your sound. I was fantasizing for a second about getting an ipad and running the ac-7 pro app, but, I honestly think I'd much rather have a physical fader to grab.