Logic Pro 8 arpeggiator help please


i created an arpeggiator in my environment, for some reason, the arpeggiated sound isn't printing on my mix down, only the dry midi track, i can hear the arpeggiater doing it's thing during playback, but it isn't affecting the track during mix down. i'm sure it's something simple but i can't figure out why this happening. any suggestions?
You can also cable the arpeggiator to the "sequencer input" object in the clicks and ports layer in the Environment. By doing this, you will effectively be generating all of the arpeggiated notes as real midi events seen by Logic. So, you can record your midi in Logic and be able to see, hear, and edit all of the notes that are being generated by it.

Be warned though that,depending on how you do the cabling, this will effect all midi recorded on all tracks in Logic. So, it's a good idea to use a cable switcher with one cable going straight to the sequencer input object, and another going through the arpeggiator first. That way you can easily switch the arpeggiator on/off.
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