Logic Pro X Arpeggiator

I am a complete novice as far as "the Environment" is concerned.
I want to use the arpeggiator for some chords in a particular track. It used to be a function in the "piano roll" but doesn't seem to be there any more.
Help says that I must insert it into the midi path.
I should know how to do this but don't.
I've gone into the environment layer and chosen arpeggiator but (and this shows the scale of my ignorance!) how do I link it to the instrument in the track in which I am working? I don't seem to be able to choose the instrument that I have chosen in the arrange window and thus can't plug one into the other. Dumb and Dumber of what!!

Per Boysen

Try open a MIDI Plug-in on the Instrument Channelstrip! There is a great arpeggiator there, much better than the old one in the Environment.
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