Arrange MIDI Editing


Optional behaviors

I'll use opt-click, yes. Your discussions on "optional behaviors" are good. There is a code in the program that handles functions but how this is used by the performer varies a lot, depending on: if you are using Logic as an instrument, tuning parameters, writing scores etc. There should really be only 1 program but with many faces. :redface::thmbup::brkwl::angryfire::cool::D
Or "skins" as you migth call them.

However, to have an audio and being able to edit midi graphically in sync is good. The eyes can do better than the ears sometimes, because audio are a to fast event for accurasy. So I will edit blindfolded 15 times until it fits instead of 1 time with graphical sync.
The whole analogism with "tape-recorder" is in the past,
it's graphical that gives the best results, So an audio amplitude-brush would be a nice tool..


When editing mid alongside the audio I don't find the view the problem. I'd like the key commands for jumping to next transient and pickup clock to be able to address audio and midi respectively without having to change the window focus. In effect that would mean having two pickup clock commands, one for audio, one for midi.