Logic Pro X Arranging question.


I do a lot of multi track recording basic instruments are drums, B3, bass, 2 GTRs, 2or 3 Vox. Some of it is rough tracks for song ideas, some music minus one recordings so I can teach a song to a band mate.

I find it easy to arrange by recording a typical intro, verse and chorus the using arrange markers to make duplicates so I can sort of automate and expedite the process. One song that caused me issues was Bell-Bottom Blues Derek/Dominoes) that has a three note guitar run up to the verse. If I copy and paste the verse I either have to exclude the run up or include it- in either case the timing gets screwed up.

I'm not sure I'm looking at this the right way and am not a trained musician but is there a way in logic to "insert or make way for" less than a full bar?. Not sure I'm even asking the question correctly.




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I'm not familiar with the song, but will assume that it is in 4/4. Are you looking to insert a bar of 3/4 time? Or are the three notes of the intro played on beats 2, 3 and 4 of a 4/4 bar? It is possible to insert single bars with a different time signature in a logic arrangement.

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