Arturia Demo Strategy is Amazing


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I just had an amazing experience with Arturia tech support after V5 crashed Logic and Live projects right of the box (Hint, it can't handle program changes). The tech support person, who personified every snooty French stereotype you can think of, delivered this gem:

We do not refund softwares as every plugins are available as demo for free and allow to test before to buy.
WOW! This is truly innovative and thinking "out of the box." You see, almost all companies provide demos so the potential customer can determine whether or not they like the product - the hope is the customer enjoys a demo so much they respond with, "I really like this, I want to buy it." But Arturia? Who knew!!! According to this business savvy genius and student of logic and critical thinking, Arturia provides demos so we, the potential customer, can test the integrity and stability of their products before we buy?!?!? This is a revolutionary paradigm shift in free software demos!!!! Of course Arturia passes on the cost of this testing to you, the customer.

So, when you see sooo many forum posts of Arturia bugs, crashes... don't judge the company. No no no. Instead, blame yourself for it is you, that's right you the customer, who failed to perform a thorough and systematic testing of their products before you clicked that buy button.