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Jay Denson

Hi Everyone. I've just discovered that Peter "Ski" Schwartz has ceased trading. I've been waiting for an opportunity to get the latest version of ARTzID having used an earlier version for a couple of years. Events like moving home have meant that I haven't been making music for a couple of years. Now I'm ready to start again and something I was really looking forward to is no longer available - by a mere 5 weeks!!!
I have emailed Peter but as yet haven't had a reply. Does anyone know of a third-party re-seller who might be able to let me buy a copy? Or can anyone suggest anything that would help me obtain the latest version? I should emphasise I'm not asking for a freebie - I was looking online to buy when I found Peter's announcement.

Many thanks in advance, Jay Denson

Jay Denson

Hi Gaffable. Thanks for your reply. However since Peter’s post he has announced on his website that he’s stopping:-

August 31, 2019

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in ARTz•ID. Please note that SkiSwitcher.com is now closed for business, and I will no longer be able to provide technical support.

Thank you to all of the composers and producers who have chosen to use SkiSwitcher and ARTz•ID over these many years. It has been my pleasure to develop systems and provide technical support services to help you realize your musical goals.

Best Regards,

Peter "Ski" Schwartz
Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger

Bummer or what? I’ve so been looking forward to upgrading first my OS, then LPX then ARTzID. And to miss the boat by a lousy 5 weeks.

I’d like to hear from anyone who may be able to help.


It's very disappointing to hear that Peter has closed shop. I've found the ARTzID software very useful.

Are you aware of Audio Grocery's articulation switching system, Art Pro 6? I can highly recommend it as an alternative to ARTzID. I stopped using Peter's software about six months ago and changed to Audio Grocery's system because ARTzID does not work with multi-timbral instruments in Logic, whereas the Audio Grocery system does.

I believe that a major update for Art Pro 6 is imminent.

If you're looking to save some money, Audio Grocery has in the past offered a discount of around 25% during the Black Friday sales period.

Jay Denson

Hi Gaffable
Once again thanks for your reply.
I bought the Audio Grocery app when it first came out. I couldn't get anywhere with it then as there didn't seem to be scripts for any of my libraries (for example, Cinematic Strings and the various Play libraries from East West). I haven't looked at it since but I do get emails from time to time about upgrades. Maybe I'll give it another go but, having said that, I am happy with the version of ARTzID that I have. I also read reports in various forums that El Capitan is the most stable platform for LPX - and that's what I am running currently. I'd be interested to know if you have an opinion on this. And if there is an advantage in upgrading Logic to 10.4? But I read that the latest ARTzID does away with the macro and offers many other benefits so if there is a way of getting hold of it I'd be very happy. This latest version requires Logic 10.4 and that, in turn, requires High Sierra, which happens to be as far as my 2012 5.1 Mac Pro will go (I phoned Apple to check).
So, I'll give Audio Grocery another whirl but really I'd love to have ARTzID updated.
Thanks again, Jay


Hi Jay, I don't have an opinion as to which version of LPX is the most stable. I use version 10.4.7 on my 2012 iMac without a problem.