As Midi Controller


I've been diving into making environments that allow the interfaces to become MIDI controllers. Just made on for fader control of the arpegiator settings. I pack the environments faders into a folder which makes accessing just the Arp faders even easier. It can be pretty creative to control it that way, I've been having fun with it. If anyone is interested in the environment I'll put it up.

I'll share it for the next 30 days here.

It should open to screenset 2, where the arrange, a mixer, the Arp environment and the clicks and ports environment show. I have a 23" screen, so it may be quite jumbled up on a smaller display.

I think I've left the Arp Switch in Clicks and ports to "Arp Mixer" routing all midi at the input to the arp. Let me know if you have any questions, It's not a polished version, but does work.

I've also been working on a couple of others... Drawbars for the organ, and I may make one to connect to the Nord Lead 2 environment I have.