Logic Pro 9 Assigning Controllers???

So i did end up purchasing Garritan (thanks for all who steered me in the right direction!) I was really excited about the ability that Garritan offered to change velocity and attack with the mod wheel, I know it will make expression alot easier to control. The problem is I am using a YPG 235 keyboard, and It only has one mod wheel on it. As of right now that mod wheel is set to pitch bends (the default)

I know that under preferences I should be able to set the mod wheel to the velocity/attack setting, but I'm not sure how. I tried clicking "learn mode" and then activating the mod wheel which did bring it up. I just couldn't figure out how to set it to the right parameters. In the Garritan manual it used the terms CC#17 and CC#1 ETC for controller assignments....Am i looking in the wrong place? thanks!


You could try cabling a Transformer object between the Physical Input and Sequencer Input in the Clicks and Ports layer of the Environment.

Set the transformer to transform pitch bend to CC 17. You could set another to transform pitch bend to CC 1, and then set up a cable switcher to switch between them.

It's not terribly difficult to set up, but if you're new to Logic, will require you to roll up your sleeves and dig into the Environment section of the manual for a couple of hours. Time well spent though IMHO....
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