Logic Pro X Assigning Microphones To Tracks


New Member
Hello everyone! Quick question. I am using the Zoom H6 Handheld interface to record my in-person podcasts. How do I assigned each microphone to it's own track within Logic? There are only two microphones.

Pete Thomas

Staff member
I haven't used an H6, but it appears to have two outputs so when cxonnected as an interface to Logic (and chosen in your audio preferences as the device) then there should be two inputs to Logic.

If you have a stereo track, then there will be one stero input available, ie 1 + 2 (from the zoom)

But if you want separate tracks, one on each output, then you need two mono tracks in Logic, for one choose input 1, for the other input 2.

Apologies if this isn't what you meant.