Logic Pro 9 assigning processing threads in 9.1.3


My Activity Monitor shows 1 audio core carrying all of the load in my project. I have the processing threads assigned to 'automatic'. 16 cores are showing up in the AM metering.

Can anyone suggest the optimum way to assign the processing threads? I'm running LogicPro 9.1.3 on a Westmere MacPro 8 core / 24 gb ram. Logic is mostly just handling a few plugins and audio tracks. The heavy lifting is being done by Vienna Ensemble Pro Server hosting 4 instances of Stylus running in 64 bit. There also 2 other metaframes of Vienna Ensemble Pro server coming in from a 2nd MacPro via ethernet. One is 64b and one 32b.



Using the same kind of thing at one of my composers place's. We have let the computer do the deciding, and so far haven't seen any issues come up.

IF you were wanting to actually figure out things try this: How many cores do you have assigned to each instance of VEPro? Subtract them from the total cores you have available in Logic. Leave 1 extra for the system to have some power.

But I would really just let the computer do it... if it ain't broke, why "fix" it?
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