Logic Pro 9 Atari Cubase Midi Import to Logic 9


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Has anyone here had experience in converting old Atari midi files into Logic 9
I'd be curious to see who has successfully done this and what methods were required... I have Atari 1040St Steinberg pro 24 and earliest Cubase, also have Time Lock Smpte processor. Can I take the Midi output of the Atari directly into My USB Motu Micro xpress the into Logic 9 in real time using Smpte with Logic being the master?

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Thanks for the info,

Did you have logic specify the song tempo based on the original atari sequencer file?
I imagine quantizing was set to off.
Did it record all the midi tracks in one pass and the separate tracks within logic?

Thanks so much,
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Good question. I migrated back in '95 and was using Studio Vision Pro.

I was using Dr T's KCS on the 1040ST.
I set the Atari as Master, and recorded the midi into my Mac. I had track notes with the tempos, panning ect.

After Studio Vision died, I was using Cubase. I didn't trust Steinberg to deliver a speedy transition to OSX.

So I picked up Logic Express 6.5, and Digital Performer.
Soon after Apple bought Emagic.

I don't have most of the MIDI hardware that I used back then to recreate the tracks.
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Have you considered using direct transfer of the MIDI files after "normalizing" the original files (I am using "normalizing" here as a Notator's term).
Depending on the amount of files, it could be worthwhile to invest into a diskette reader to interface...
Or if you still have your ST modem, you could use the same to send yourself an e-mail with the files as attachment...
Personnally, I copied my MIDI (no Notator) files to diskettes from the Atari to my PC, then from the PC to my MacBookPro via a USB key. For the files with lots of tempo changes and other P-User events (yes another Notator term!), I proceeded as gdoubleyou mentionned, understanding that in that case I used a MIDI interface...
In both cases everything went perfect!
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Atlas and gdoubleyou,

I had attempted several years back to convert to Cubase Vst 32 5.0 on my PC.
that machine is long gone. The method used was to 1st convert the Steinberg Pro24 files by opening the original sequences in the Atari Cubase. From Cubase they were saved as standard midi files which I believe Cubase Vst could then open in the PC. I had only transferred a couple of songs as the
scsi drive they were saved to stopped working, Then many other unrelated things devoured much of my time..
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