Attention Newbies! Check out


Just a hint to all you newbies, which includes myself. I've been a subscriber to for over a year now, and essentially learned Final cut pro, After Effects, Advanced Lightroom and now Logic 9 to a fairly high level quickly with their amazing tutorials. It's $25 bucks for a month-and they have a vast selection of audio and video tutorials that will answer many of the questions that I see posted here. The Logic training is almost 6 hours, and is really well done. They also have 65 other courses just in audio, covering topics from remixing to final mixdowns etc. I also edit video, and I would have been relatively clueless if not for the great Final Cut tutorials. I don't have any affiliation with them, but I really dig the resource! just thought I'd pass on the tip!
Plus 1! Don't forget groove3 and macprovideo too. I like lynda because there's many other types of training on there. I've been learning photography this month. Their productions that I've seen are too notch.

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