Logic Pro 9 AU Host VS Standalone Omnishphere BFD etc



I guess I have two questions.

When running Logic in 32 bit mode many use a AU host such as VE pro or Bidule to run programs like Omnisphere or BFD that require lots of ram. Why is this better than just running Omnisphere or BFD as standalone and routing midi through IAC and audio through JACK or Soundflower? Is it just the convenience of having all VI's in one host or does it provide some type of performace boost. It would seem to me more simple to just run them standalone and avoid having to deal with a host altogether.

My second question is if I am running logic in 64 bit mode and only using 64 bit plugs and instruments is there any need or advantage to still running some of my heavy VI's in a host or standalone. I would think not since logic in 64 bit mode can use all my ram, but maybe there is some other advantage I am missing, like a host may take advantage of multi core processing better than logic or something like that.

One advantage with loading samples into VE PRo or Plogue, even if you are running Logic 64 bit, would be to set up your sample templates in the external host, so that when you switch projects in logic, you don't have to reload all the samples. This requires that you work consistently in Logic, assigning the same sample instruments to the same tracks, in order to allow correctly linking the Mtracks in logic to appropriate sample instruments/sounds you will have running in your sample host.

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